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From use of personas to formal adoption plans, a look at some of what successful companies have included in their employee experience initiatives.

It’s tough to get the employee experience right when it comes to technology, people, and processes. So what can IT, HR, and other business leaders do to set their companies up for success?

That’s a question Metrigy delved into as part of its global Employee Experience & Workforce Engagement: 2022-23 research study conducted in the second quarter with 250 companies. First, they must determine their metrics for success and then measure against them.

Companies can measure the success of their employee experience undertakings in several ways. For purposes of our study, we looked at four metrics:

  • Revenue growth –  Has employee experience platform adoption facilitated collaboration for new product creation, services, or revenue streams, for example?
  • Cost reduction – Has the technology’s use resulted in lower capital or operating costs?
  • Employee satisfaction – Do employees feel more engaged, resulting in improved performance?
  • Employee retention – Are employees feeling more invested in the company and less likely to leave?

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