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About Metrigy

Metrigy’s Unique Approach

Metrigy is an innovative research and strategic advisory firm that analyzes enterprise success metrics to advise companies on their technology transformation strategies.

Founded by Robin Gareiss and Irwin Lazar, both renowned technology analysts and content developers, Metrigy focuses on some of the coolest and most interesting technologies:

  • Digital transformation and digital workplace
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)
  • Customer Experience (CX) and contact center
  • Artificial intelligence and analytics

There is no such thing as an “average day” here, and that’s what makes Metrigy so fun and enlightening (no burn out for us!) Analysts spend time conducting primary research with IT, customer experience (CX), and business leaders. Then, we get to watch the magic unfold by analyzing the data and learning what companies are doing, spending, using, and planning. Most importantly, we identify companies with measurable business success and evaluate what they’re doing that is different from those without the same level of business success.

We use the ensuing metrics and analysis in many ways. We advise enterprise IT and CX leaders on their technology strategies, technology decisions, and vendor selection. We also advise technology providers on their product strategies and marketing initiatives, and we produce research-based content.

In fact, we share the knowledge by creating lots of content overall, on our Web site, with media partners, and through our BrightTalk channel. And if our research isn’t exactly what you need, we conduct plenty of custom research to get you just the answers you need. Our content includes the following:

  • Buy-side forecasting for several key product categories of UC, contact center/CX, artificial intelligence, and foundational areas important for emerging technologies to thrive
  • Vendor rankings/awards, based on customer sentiment and business success from using vendor products and services
  • Weekly news updates MetriNotes provide clients with actionable, metrics-based guidance covering breaking industry news
  • Custom vendor selection to help enterprises select a short list of providers, using metrics and weighted scorecards
  • Success analysis reports that provide insight on what successful companies (defined by explicit business metrics) are doing compared to those that aren’t successful
  • Vertical segmentation to deliver insights in some key vertical industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, and more

About Our Name

Simply put, Metrigy is the combination of two words: metrics + strategy. As we started the company, we spent weeks evaluating hundreds of ideas. The name Metrigy captures what we do: analyze real-world success metrics to drive business and technology strategies.


A Note from Metrigy’s CEO

I spent many years helping people make better technology decisions in my role as president and co-founder of Nemertes Research. Without question, they always received recommendations with much more confidence when they were backed by real-world metrics and not just opinion.

The more we observed the lightbulb moments when CIOs and their teams saw the hard data, the more we wanted to see what else we could uncover in the next research project. So, together with my employee and customer engagement research team, including Metrigy co-founder Irwin Lazar, we ramped up our research plans.

We conducted more of it–and made it even more compelling by making sure it addressed the issues business technology leaders were facing. We were able to back up our recommendations with hard data for our clients including large global financial-services firms, aerospace/defense contractors, pharmaceuticals, prestigious universities, healthcare providers, retailers–and of course, technology providers.

All of this work helped propel Nemertes into a leading research firm.

But we needed to do more–specifically focused on the explosive employee and customer engagement markets. We also saw demand for new products and services, such as vertical industry research, reliable vendor ratings, and market forecasting.

So we formed Metrigy to strengthen and expand our ability to conduct this groundbreaking research. Our goal is to use our real-world research metrics to enlighten our clients and give them prescriptive, actionable advice that results in successful business strategies. That metrics-based advise ultimately helps cut costs, increase revenue, make customers happier, and improve employee productivity. That’s pretty rewarding!

Metrigy also is focused on delivering multimedia research content. We’ve got so much great research and analysis–why keep it all to ourselves? We slice and dice it by vertical industry, company size, global regions–and most importantly, by success group.

We always listen to client feedback to grow in coverage areas and research analysis. Our goal is to help you succeed–with metrics to strengthen your strategic decisions. Let us know how we can help you today!

– Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst