Are Your Team Messages Secure?

Are Your Team Messages Secure?

The challenges related to enterprise team messaging security can be a big barrier to entry.

The team messaging market continues to grow, with nearly 60% of the approximately 600 companies participating in Nemertes Research’s annual unified communications and collaboration study either already using or planning to deploy such apps by the end of 2019. As team collaboration evolves from simple chat into a digital workplace hub — integrating chat, calling, meetings, documents, and application data — cybersecurity and risk management professionals are beginning to pay close attention to how information contained within their team management environments is protected.

Nemertes’ data shows that security concerns are currently the biggest inhibitor to team collaboration adoption. As most market-leading services are cloud-based, some organizations — especially those in regulated industries or those that deal with classified information — are still reluctant to, or unable to leverage team collaboration due to internal prohibitions on the use of cloud-based services.

This creates a situation in which IT is the barrier to allowing employees to use team collaboration apps to improve internal and external collaboration. When IT finds itself in the role of “Dr. No,” users often go around IT and use the apps they want to use without IT consent or control. The nature of cloud applications, allowing anyone to register for a free or low-cost account via a Web or mobile app, makes it especially difficult for centralized IT teams to control non-authorized application use.

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