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5 Best Practices for Optimizing the WFH Experience

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Metrigy’s analysis of what’s working at the most successful companies shows that it pays to invest in the right technologies to support at-home workers.

Last month, my colleague Irwin Lazar shared tips for optimizing meeting rooms to better support hybrid work based on results from Metrigy’s recently released “Unified Communications Management and Endpoints: 2021-22” global research study of nearly 400 participating organizations. These tips, largely about the in-room experience, are well worth reviewing, especially if you’re among the 45% of participants whose employees must work from the office or have the option of working in either location.

However, the full scope of modern work shows a sizable contingent of WFH employees.

In our study, 15% of organizations surveyed mandated that all employees remain in a remote working set-up. This is in addition to the 24% of survey participants that allow employees the flexibility of working from whichever location they’d prefer and the 38% of survey participants who dictate work location based on employee role. In total, 77% of survey respondents will have some part of the workforce working from home.

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