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A mix of in-office and remote work is the future as our IT research shows; organizations should prepare accordingly.

According to our recently published Workplace Collaboration: 2021-22 Research Study, based on data gathered from 476 different-sized businesses across a range of industries, Metrigy has found that 87% of employees now work from home either full or part time, up from 72% last May, and more than double the 34% who worked from home prior to March 2020. Today, just 12.7% of companies require employees to work in the office, with in-office work typically due to job roles that aren’t possible to do remotely (e.g., health care, maintenance, security, etc.)

Going forward, 21.4% of participating organizations expect to require in-office work, either full-time or part-time, while 36.4% will give employees the choice of continuing to work from home, working in an office, or splitting time between each. Just 38.3% say they expect employees to remain full-time at home even once the pandemic (hopefully) ends! Those requiring at least part-time work, or allowing employees the choice in work location, report that they expect employees to be in the office nearly half-time. Just 24.6% have evaluated potential real-estate savings from reducing office space.

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