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Webinar – Customer Experience Transformation (Ep. 3): Live Interactions – When and Why?

By Customer Engagement Webinars, On-Demand, Webinars

Though many companies are implementing self-service, many interactions require live agent support. Which technologies improve the success of live agent support? How can AI help identify interactions that may require voice, video, or screen-sharing support from live agents? This webinar is based on Metrigy’s Customer Experience Transformation 2022 research study.

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Webinar – How to Optimize Employee Experience Using Data-Driven Insights

By Employee Engagement, On-Demand, Webinars

Metrigy VP of Research and Principal Analyst Beth Schultz will provide a high-level overview of the employee experience market, explain where insight tools fit into the overall strategy for optimizing the employee experience, and share adoption trends gleaned from a study of HR and other corporate leaders working on employee experience programs.

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