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If delivering a great digital customer experience while boosting key business metrics is a corporate goal (and why wouldn’t it be?), success often rests on the contact center platform and the features and functionality it supports, the capabilities it enables, and the agility it allows. For many companies today, this has led to the use of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), if not fully then as part of a hybrid model.

In our Customer Experience MetriCast 2023 global buyer-side market study conducted with 1,695 companies, nearly 32% of those with a contact center platform have adopted CCaaS. This is more than any other contact center architecture in use, and adoption is trending upwards. Choices are plentiful, and competition stiff, as providers of varying sizes, capabilities, and reach vie to capture the interest of companies considering their CCaaS options.

These factors make CCaaS a perfect starting point for Metrigy’s inaugural MetriRank vendor ratings report.

Part of our MetriCast Service, the MetriRank reports assess leading providers on a fixed set of criteria to determine which are best positioned today and for long-term success. This week, we published our CCaaS MetriRank 2023 report, identifying NICE as the undisputed leader among 11 providers that rated highly enough to make the cut.

In determining the ranking, we evaluated providers based on the following five criteria: financial strength, market share momentum, product mix, customer sentiment, and customer business success. We rated each service provider in each of the five areas on a five-point scale, and then applied a weighting. Lastly, we tallied the individual criteria scores for each provider to determine their overall leadership score.

Market share is important to overall leadership, but financial strength and customer sentiment are significant at setting providers apart in the rankings. Having the right mix of features and capabilities is critical, although most of the top-tier providers share common capabilities today. However, 2023 is shaping up to be an important year of enhanced product development, particularly around artificial intelligence, which will become a significant factor moving forward.

NICE earned the top spot in the CCaaS MetriRank 2023 ratings with the largest market share, strong financials, and full marks for product mix. Five9, Cisco, Genesys, and 8×8 round out the top five. The remaining CCaaS MetriRank providers, in alphabetical order, are AWS, Dialpad, Sprinklr, Talkdesk, Twilio, and Vonage.

Full details, including all of our methodology, scoring, and a deep dive into each provider, is available in the CCaaS MetriRank 2023 report. Click here to learn more, and watch for MetriRank reports on Unified Communications as a Service, Communications Platform as a Service, and SIP trunking coming later this year.