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Even as companies deploy more collaboration tools, they aren’t keeping pace with effective governance strategies for these tools and their generated content.

The last few years have seen an explosion in both the number and type of employee and customer engagement apps deployed within the workplace. The modern communications and collaboration environment includes not just voice calls and video meetings, but also team messaging, collaborative workspaces, social engagement, virtual whiteboards, project and task management and even self-created apps for workflow and task management.

In addition, generative AI enables apps themselves to create content in the form of summaries, recommendations, action items and transcripts for live calls and meetings, as well as presentations and documents from notes and data. In the contact center, generative AI provides live coaching as well as call summaries and transcriptions.

As employees take advantage of these novel ways to engage with one another — as well as with customers and partners — collaboration security and governance must keep pace to safeguard networks against the risk of unauthorized application access and data loss.

Emerging challenges include the following:

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