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Startup Tyfoom brings together employee communications and training, hits top two goals found in Metrigy’s employee experience research.

Optimizing employee experience continues to be an overarching business objective this year for companies of all sizes, in every vertical, and across geographies. But the goals companies set out around achieving optimum employee experience can vary significantly one to the next.

In a global research study on employee experience conducted this spring, Metrigy asked participants to rate 14 goals as vital, nice to have, or not necessary. Six goals bubbled up to the top, rated as vital by at least 50% of our 250 participating companies.

  1. Keeping employees informed on company activities, news, and other pertinent information – 61.4%
  2. Facilitating training and education for career development – 56.1%
  3. Establishing collaborative goal setting (via objectives and key results) – 53.6%
  4. Providing a central repository for content and knowledge sharing – 52%
  5. Fostering connectivity among employees – 51.4%
  6. Measuring employees’ use of communications and collaboration (meetings, team messaging) or productivity apps to guide well-being improvements – 50.5%

It’s an interesting mix, with plenty to dissect about each individual goal, how they interplay with each other, and how they work to further the mission of optimizing employee experience. For purposes of this post, however, let’s consider just those top two goals: keeping employees informed and helping them evolve their careers through training and education.

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