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Organizations with on-premises contact centers don’t need to make a full cloud migration to modernize their systems. CPaaS can enable cloud features and drive key business metrics.

On-premises contact centers are turning into an increasingly rare breed, replaced at many companies by cloud platforms that support a rapid pace of innovation on features and capabilities. But those maintaining an on-premises architecture don’t need to be left behind on customer experience transformation. For them, communications platform as a service, or CPaaS, can provide the bridge from the legacy to the modern.

Companies can address the limitations of their on-premises contact center platforms by using CPaaS to layer real-time, cloud-based capabilities on top of them. With an API, they might add a click-to-call or live chat option to engage customers on a brand website, for example, or use text messaging to send out appointment reminders or loyalty offers. They can also implement more advanced cloud contact center features with CPaaS, such as cross-channel customer journey mapping, virtual assistants for agents and customers, and workflow automation.

Additionally, because CPaaS providers run in the cloud, companies can top off their on-premises platforms with new cloud-based capabilities without having to worry about adding back-end infrastructure to support them. In other words, they get the ability to update their customer experience (CX) strategies without losing management and security control of the contact center platform.

CPaaS improves contact center efficiency

Metrigy’s “Advanced API & CPaaS Development 2023” global research study found that adding cloud-based features to an on-premises contact center was a primary CPaaS driver for nearly 38% of 400 participating companies. Metrigy’s “Customer Experience MetriCast 2023” buyer-side market forecast study found that roughly 58% of those companies with an on-premises contact center are using CPaaS, and about 20.6% intend to begin doing so in 2023.

With enhanced CX often being an avenue to competitive advantage, companies need to embrace new ways of reaching customers and improving their contact center operations. This makes CPaaS an imperative for companies running on-premises contact centers. The good news is that, with growing availability of low-code/no-code options, the barrier to entry isn’t insurmountable any longer.

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