Creating a Hotdesking Strategy

Creating a Hotdesking Strategy

Factors from team location to device provisioning will vary, so pay attention to what works for your organization

As companies continue to determine their best approach for supporting hybrid work, one topic that frequently comes up in conversations with our clients is hotdesking. The idea of hotdesking is simple – create workspaces that employees coming into the office for individual work can use as they need when they are present in the office. Those spaces aren’t necessarily reserved for specific people’s exclusive use but can be reserved for people to use on a schedule. Moving from concept to actual implementation requires addressing several key issues and aligning your hotdesking strategy with your overall collaboration approach.

Metrigy recently conducted a study of 935 companies in Europe, North America, Australia, and parts of Southeast Asia to determine how they were approaching hotdesking within their organization. For the approximately one-quarter that have already implemented hotdesking, we found a wide variety of implementations in the following areas:

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