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Feeling disconnected from one’s work can take a toll on workers and worker productivity. New research from Metrigy and HP spells out ways to improve the employee experience.

Here’s a sad truth about work today: Most knowledge workers feel like they’re cogs in a machine rather than valued and respected employees.

This is one of the findings technology company HP uncovered in a survey of more than 12,000 knowledge workers plus 3,600 IT decision makers and 1,200 business leaders in a dozen countries. In the study, only 25% of knowledge workers say they have a healthy relationship with work, as HP shared in its “Work Relationship Index 2023” (WRI) report issued in September.

Not feeling valued and respected can take its toll. Consider these additional findings from the HP WRI: Absent a healthy relationship with waork, employees feel less productive (34%), disconnected from their organization (38%), and disengaged from work (39%). More so, 55% of knowledge workers say an unhealthy relationship with work leads them to struggle with their self-worth and mental health, and 62% say the same of maintaining their physical well-being.

HP spells out six core components necessary to help strengthen employees’ relationship to their work. These are:

  1. Fulfillment – Employees need to be able to find purpose, meaning, and empowerment at work
  2. Leadership – Leaders must not only be empathetic, but also must be emotionally connected to their charges
  3. People-centricity – Decision makers must put people at the heart of their decisions

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