Leveraging UC Devices for a Safe Office Return

Leveraging UC Devices for a Safe Office Return

Facilities and HR can increasingly take advantage of UC device capabilities to ensure safe distancing, cleaning, and touchless devices, and air quality management.

As I noted earlier this month on WorkSpace Connect, the hybrid work model is likely to dominate for the foreseeable future. Metrigy’s research shows that just 38.3% of participants in our global “Workplace Collaboration: 2021-22” research study plan to eliminate in-office work entirely. The rest will either allow employees to choose whether to work from home or in the office, or they will mandate that employees spend at least some of their time in the office.

As a result, companies are rapidly moving forward with efforts to ensure that those who either must or choose to return to the office can do so safely. Of our 476 participating companies, more than a third are making physical workspace changes as noted in the chart below.

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