Media & Publishing Companies

Metrigy for Media & Publishing Companies

Looking for credible subject-matter experts with proven track records who are accomplished at conveying information? Look no further. Metrigy’s analysts are current and former CIOs, CTOs, architects, engineers, and business leaders. We’ve developed and implemented technologies, built business cases, managed operations, and run companies. We provide authoritative, data-based insight into the business and operational impacts of emerging technologies.

Our analysts are vibrant speakers, skilled writers, and charismatic presences on video and audio. And most importantly: We meet deadlines. As former journalists ourselves, we understand the criticality of deadlines in the publishing arena.

We work with media companies in the following areas:

Thought Leadership

I need experts to authoritatively convey what our readers or conference attendees need to know.
  • Reports and Blogs – Our experienced analysts draw upon their knowledge of the industry, forward-looking prognosis, and research to write thought-provoking issue papers, product, and technology analysis.
  • Speaking, Videos and Webinars – Liven up your event with a presentation from our analysts! Our analysts are compelling and knowledgeable, whether live at conferences or on videos and webinars. We engage and educate audiences on the most significant trends. We routinely earn top ratings from audiences for great content and captivating delivery of the information.
  • Interviews – Business and technology journalists routinely interview Nemertes analysts to develop compelling presentations and are experienced at delivering interesting, timely webcasts on hot topics.

Content Planning

I need a market expert to make sure our content will resonate with our conference theme or media goals.
  • Conferences – Nemertes helps conference managers on developing themes and content for their conferences and trade shows. We also manage tracks, developing the themes and agendas, securing speakers and providing content.
  • Digital Media – Editors enjoy working with Nemertes because we make their jobs easier. As former journalists and skilled writers, we provide thought-provoking content that requires minimal editing.
  • Project Management – Nemertes provides centralized project management for multiple media projects with the same company. We also can help you manage your small event.