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Metrigy’s Workplace Collaboration: 2023-24 global study of 440 organizations find substantial deployment of on-premises and hosted unified communications platforms within financial services and healthcare industry participants. Nearly a third (32.3%) of financial services firms are deployed on-premises compared to 37.5% of healthcare organizations. An additional 22.6% of financial services firms use single-tenant private hosted cloud solutions, as do 12.5% in the healthcare vertical.

Among these participants, we find that on-premises adoption is highest in the EU, particularly within France, Germany, and the UK, compared to the US and Canada. And just 9.1% of financial services and healthcare industry participants plan to move to multi-tenant Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) in 2023.

Why Healthcare and Financial Services Stay On-Prem or Hosted

Healthcare and financial services participants cite the following reasons for staying with an on-prem or private hosted cloud.

Cost Savings

Nearly 78% overall, including 83.3% for healthcare and 66.7% for financial services, say that lower operating costs for on-premises and private hosted platforms are a driver for staying with their current architecture. For these institutions and organizations, the cost of maintenance, support, and service contracts is less than that of moving to a UCaaS per-seat subscription model, especially when existing platforms are fully paid for and depreciated.

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