Our Methodology

Unsurpassed Research

Metrigy prides itself on conducting research that sets new standards for integrity, creativity, and relevance. We start with experienced, intelligent analysts who are well-versed on the supply and demand sides of employee and/or customer engagement and related fields. Then, we deploy our structured research process, which includes feedback from our enterprise and technology provider clients.

When the time comes to field the research, Metrigy always conducts detailed interviews with global IT leaders to understand the whys behind the whats. In most research projects we also supplement the interviews with electronic surveys of pre-qualified IT or business leaders.

Through our ongoing research we conduct in-depth interviews with IT leaders, comprising a wide range of verticals and sizes. Through this process we:

  • Prove/disprove compelling hypotheses
  • Benchmark reality
  • Deliver actionable advice to manage change and foster innovation
  • Identify success metrics

Metrigy delivers customized and syndicated research throughout the year, in which we examine:

  • Detailed cost data for a variety of technologies and vendors
  • Global market trends
  • Organizational strategies, staffing, procurement, and program management
  • Success correlations