Achieving the Next Phase of Client Engagement

Published on: June 21, 2021


The enterprise communications and collaboration environment has undergone a rapid change in the last year. More than 68% of companies have adopted team collaboration applications to support contextual messaging and workstream collaboration. More than 82% now use video conferencing to enable rich virtual meeting experiences for distributed participants. And, more than 94% now use cloud-based file sharing. These tools have enabled organizations to better enable virtual employee collaboration, but they are not optimized for persistent client engagements that are built around longterm, repeatable processes, and that require granular security in to meet compliance and governance needs. At the same time, companies are investing in digital transformation initiatives designed to improve customer engagement, but these efforts are primarily geared at the contact center to support customer inquiries. In neither case are efforts optimized to support high-touch environments requiring repeatable persistent, multi-channel client journeys such as loan processing, health care delivery, financial advising, professional services, or any other process requiring managed workflows, on-going conversations, and meetings. For example, a workflow with trigger events, such as the reception of a signed loan application triggering a task for underwriter review is not supported by platforms that are solely designed for messaging and video conferencing

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