Customer Experience Optimization: 2023-24

Published on: June 20, 2023

Author: Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst

With a never-ending set of technology options for interacting with customers, CX and IT leaders are continuously evaluating and changing their applications, services, and operational processes. This study evaluates how successful companies are optimizing their customer experience from both their own experience--and that of their end customers. We will conduct research with IT, CX, and business leaders, and also (for the first time) with end consumers to what they like and dislike with the technology used to interact with businesses. We'll cover the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence: Which types of AI are table stakes now, and which require more caution? Is generative AI ready for prime time?
  • CX transformation: How many companies have transformed their customer experience, and what projects were considered ""transformational?""
  • Operational efficiencies: How can technology, particularly forms of AI, help augment or reduce staffing requirements? Which technologies are key to making that happen?
  • Customer feedback: How are companies narrowing the siloes of information when it comes to customer feedback?
  • The role of virtual assistants: They're showing up in many places along a customer journey. Where are they most useful? And where are they hurting customer satisfaction?
  • Architecture decisions: With all the talk of cloud, why isn't every company there? What's driving organizations to stay on-premises--and be happy about it?
  • Contact center perspectives: Is the contact center viewed as a cost center or a value center?
  • Security: To what extent is security a part of CX application decision-making and budget?
  • Relationship management: How important are partner relationships vs. platform vendor?

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