MetriNote – Enterprise Connect 2023 Customer Experience Announcements

Published on: April 25, 2023

Author: Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst

Not surprisingly, CX-related announcements from Enterprise Connect focused on artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI. Though many vendors announced similar capabilities, some also focused on the business value for customers that add AI to their CX technology portfolios. Overall, AI announcements related to the following:

  • Call summaries – Generative AI is very good at looking at an entire transcript and summarizing the key points. The feature provides value in that it saves time (and money) because agents don’t have to write summaries manually; allows smoother, quicker hand-offs because agents can read a summary vs. the entire transcript; and allows for concise, historical data to reside in the customer data file.
  • Performance improvement –AI capabilities evaluate and identify behaviors that drive revenue, and then reinforce those behaviors in any interaction through real-time coaching.
  • Prompt responses – By entering questions or instructions as a prompt into generative AI tools, agents and customers can get human-like responses. A response may answer a question, generate content, or develop an automated workflow.

Other areas of note include workflow automation, cloud network enhancements, workforce management, and easier onboarding for companies new to vendor offerings.

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