MetriNote – Sprinklr 2023 Analyst Conference

Published on: May 24, 2023

Author: Diane Myers, Principal Analyst

Sprinklr held its first industry analyst conference, April 25-27, in Dubai. Executives provided an overview of Sprinklr’s current business, strategic priorities, customer successes, and key initiatives. They laid out their product roadmap for the next year, and had open discussions on reshaping CX, where they are investing, and go-to-market activities.

To start the conference, CEO Ragy Thomas laid out Sprinklr’s strategy of creating and owning a category it calls Unified-CXM. The challenge, as Thomas described, is that companies have a fragmented view of their customers and markets due to varying channels no understanding of customers in real-time, and end up with siloed customer-facing functions in business units and across geographic markets. To solve this Sprinklr proposes Unified-CXM, which will bring together its Sales (CRM and sales enablement), Marketing (marketing automation), Insights (surveys and feedback management), Service (CCaaS), and Social products into a single user interface.

Sprinklr isn’t at Unified-CXM yet, but it’s the vision the company is pursuing in 2023 and beyond. The unified view of the customer will go beyond transactional data (today’s CRM) and behavioral data (today’s customer data platform, or CDP) by bringing in external data––the 99% of data to which no one is paying attention according to Sprinklr.

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