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There is no shortage of advice available. But Metrigy is different. With our experienced analysts and industry-leading client services team, Metrigy becomes your partner, and it’s our goal to quickly elevate to the role of trusted advisor.

We regularly advise and interact with enterprise technology and business leaders and conduct structured research with them. Our recommendations are backed by metrics gathered through interviews and surveys of IT, CX, and business leaders—making it easier for you to secure budget for your next project.

Strategy & Roadmap

Metrigy leverages its benchmark research studies, as well as our decades of experience with Fortune 500 organizations and others, to guide your strategy and roadmap. Our strategic guidance includes:

  • Assistance with identifying problems and opportunities technology can solve
  • Technology roadmaps, providing you with step-by-step blueprints for selecting and deploying technology
  • Budget guidelines, based on our research, to ensure you’re getting a good deal
  • Success metrics that will showcase your results and help you with continuous improvement
  • Clear recommendations for spending, staffing, technologies, and operational processes

Provider Comparisons & Selection

  • Metrigy’s MetriRank research provides industry-leading and data-backed comparisons of key technology providers. This research leverages a customized scoring methodology that evaluates in-depth financial metrics, features and product roadmaps, and customer ratings.
  • Metrigy’s MetriStar research provides insight directly from technology providers’ customers. We gather customer sentiment in several categories, as well as the business success companies have measured through the use of products. This shows you real-world data on how well companies on your short lists serve their customers.
  • Metrigy’s MetriCast research provides detailed, global market forecasting for technology categories, as well as vendor-specific growth through our Gain/Retain charts. These show which companies are gaining and losing the most customers.
  • Metrigy’s custom research allows you to jointly develop questions with a Metrigy analyst to ask of up to 20 vendors. We gather the information for you, create a weighted scorecard, and recommend a short list of providers based on your criteria.

Custom Employee or Customer Studies

As experts in conducting small and large-scale research studies, Metrigy can take your research and data analysis off your hands. We conduct studies in the following areas:

  • Employee feedback for benefits, work environments, technology requirements
  • Customer studies on their satisfaction with your organization (CSAT, NPS, CES, custom)

Access to Unsurpassed Research

Metrigy is the gold standard for technology research. In addition to our MetriCast, MetriRank, and MetriStar research, Metrigy also conducts additional research studies to identify trends, challenges, drivers, and inhibitors. We conduct both interviews and surveys of IT, CX, and business leaders, and also evaluate vendor products, roadmaps, and financials. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

  • Benchmark Studies – Regular studies that evaluate business success metrics resulting from the use of technology; technology trends; drivers and inhibitors; and more.
  • Success Group Correlations – We carefully identify successful companies in our studies, based on measurable business metrics. We can show you what successful companies are doing, what technology they are adopting, and what they are spending, compared to unsuccessful companies.
  • Custom Data Cuts – Metrigy also correlates data based on vertical industries, company sizes, and global regions to fine-tune the output—and compare our research with the factors that most concern you.

Get unlimited access to our strategic guidance and informative content, backed by primary research metrics and analysis.