Technology Vendors & Providers

Metrigy for Technology Vendors & Providers

Seeking to position your solution effectively to the enterprise market? Metrigy can help. Our deep knowledge of enterprise drivers, challenges, budgets, and strategies, plus our objective research, can help you position your solutions effectively throughout the full product lifecycle: From definition through development, market positioning and go-to-market.

We help vendors and service providers understand and align their messages with enterprise technology purchasers. We provide objective competitive analysis to help you position your products and services most effectively, and to help you develop roadmaps that align with future demands.

Marketing Content & Event Speaking

I want to promote objective thought leadership that aligns with our goals.

Need assistance positioning a solution against an increasingly crowded market? Metrigy can help. We tell compelling stories based on objective data, providing third-party validation of your messaging and marketing. Deliverables include:

  • Business Value Analysis—We interview your customers and capture quantitative data from them on how they’re benefitting from your solution, then prepare an in-depth report delivered in conjunction with an online webinar.
  • Written Collateral: Reports and Blogs—Our analysts write compelling and thought-provoking reports, issue papers, blogs, e-books, and infographics.
  • Visual Collateral: Webinars and Videos—We develop interesting, timely webinars on hot topics. And we offer turnkey webinar and video solutions, including audience development and viewing metrics.
  • Event Speaking— Our analysts have spent years speaking at the hottest industry events, earning top ratings from audiences for great content and captivating information delivery.

Timely Analysis

I need to capture the attention of prospective customers via engaging interactive tools.

Metrigy develops engaging and effective interactive online tools based on objective data. Providers can use these tools to engage with prospective customers and move them through the sales pipeline.

  • News Analysis—Metrigy analysts produce a weekly video analyzing important news, complete with recommendations supported by our real-world research metrics. We also send flash alerts when warranted, along with regular social media updates and research tidbits. We also team with partners, No Jitter, Tech Target, and UC Today to provide additional analysis.

Marketing Insight & Message Testing

Will my proposed solution meet enterprise needs? Does my marketing message resonate with prospective customers?

Metrigy focuses on understanding how and why enterprise organizations adopt emerging technology. We know the goals, ambitions, and pain points of enterprise business and technology leaders, and can give you objective feedback on how well your solution and messaging fits.

  • Product Development Insight—We work with your product development teams to ensure your solution’s functionality, form factor, and features are in line with our understanding of enterprise requirements.
  • Collateral Review – We review your marketing collateral and overall messaging to determine how it resonates with the enterprise market.
  • Go To Market (GTM) Review – We review your Go To Market strategy and compares it against our research data and insight into the enterprise environment. In an interactive strategy session, we point out potential misalignments and challenges, and provide feedback to ensure your GTM strategy is optimally structured to deliver on your goals.

Custom Research

I need a reputable firm to conduct research specific to my goals, so I can make internal decisions or promote the findings.

Anyone can drop a survey. But if your survey is poorly designed, the data won’t be reliable—and the survey will fail as a decision-support tool. Nemertes’ structured hypothesis-based approach and rigorous data cleansing ensures your findings are trustworthy. That means that with our custom research offerings, you’ll be getting better data—and making better decisions.

  • Hypothesis Development and Validation– We work with you to develop the hypotheses you’re seeking to validate and invalidate as part of this research. Based on these hypotheses, we develop a set of targeted questions that will validate or invalidate those hypotheses. We conduct the research and prepare the results.
  • Research Analysis – We cleanse the results, excluding questionable data points. We analyze the findings for critical trends and observations, and highlight those trends in a customized presentation.
  • Collateral Development – We work with you to develop the collateral that “tells the story” of the survey results in the form of presentations, Webinars, videocasts, and reports.