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Metrigy partners with technology providers with the goal of telling you what you need to hear, which may not always be what you want to hear.

We want you to succeed, so we leverage our research and analyst expertise to keep you ahead of the curve in areas including customer demand and plans, competitive developments, market growth, and comparative assessments.

Access to Unsurpassed Research

Metrigy is the gold standard for technology research. We conduct both interviews and surveys of IT, CX, and business leaders, and also evaluate vendor products, roadmaps, and financials.

  • Benchmark Studies – Regular studies that evaluate business success metrics resulting from the use of technology; technology trends; drivers and inhibitors; and more.
  • MetriCast Market Sizing – Buy-side market forecasts, based on plans of thousands of organizations globally, coupled with supply-side figures.
  • MetriRank Vendor Rankings and Scorecards – Detailed analysis of several technology areas. This research leverages a customized scoring methodology that evaluates in-depth financial metrics, features and product roadmaps, and customer ratings to provide you with competitive comparisons.
  • MetriStar – Research study that provides insight directly from technology providers’ customers. We gather customer sentiment in several categories, as well as the business success companies have measured through the use of products, to determine MetriStar Award winners.
  • Custom Studies – Metrigy regularly conducts custom research for our clients, using our same methodology and analysis.
  • Custom Data Cuts – Metrigy also correlates data based on vertical industries, company sizes, and global regions to fine-tune the output.

Marketing Content

If you need thought leadership, based on real-world data, we’ve got you covered. We tell compelling stories based on research data to provide third-party validation of your messaging (providing our research data is aligned with that messaging).

  • Reports, e-books, white papers, blogs
  • Webinars (content-only or full-service), vidcasts, podcasts
  • Speaking (in-person and virtually)
  • Infographics (data only or professionally designed)
  • Business Value Analysis (interviews with your customers, capturing quantitative success data, followed by an in-depth, custom report)

Timely Analysis

Metrigy keeps up with the news so you don’t have to. We’ll let you know when something important happens in the following ways:

  • MetriNotes News Analysis – Our take on important industry news: What’s the news, what does our data say, what’s our take, and what are our recommendations?
  • MetriNotes Event Analysis – Our analysts attend conferences and vendor analyst days, but you’ll get the highlights and our take on them.
  • Premium Content – Biweekly email to keep you up-to-date on all of Metrigy’s content for our clients
  • Blogs and Media Partners – Analysts regularly write blogs for our own website, as well as our media partners, No Jitter, Tech Target, UC/CX Today, and others.

Marketing Insight & Message Testing

Metrigy understands how and why enterprises adopt emerging technologies. We know the goals, ambitions, and pain points of business and technology leaders through our work with them and our research. We’ll give you objective feedback on how well your solution and messaging fits.

  • Product development insight – We work with your product development teams to ensure your solution is aligned with enterprise demands.
  • Collateral review – We review your marketing collateral and overall messaging and provide recommendations for improvement where needed.
  • Supporting data – We provide supporting data to help strengthen your message.

Get unlimited access to our strategic guidance and informative content, backed by primary research metrics and analysis.