The WFH Future: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The WFH Future: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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Work from home is attractive to some, but not all. Here are some tips to create a work strategy that offers flexibility to support different desires.

In my recent client conversations, work from home (WFH) is the primary topic, along with if, or how, a return to the office will take place. IT, business, HR, and facilities leaders continue to struggle in an ever-changing environment with how to plan for the future. Key questions include:
  1. Will, or should, people return to the office?
  2. What’s the right approach for supporting a mix of WFH and office-based workers?
  3. How do I ensure that teams are able to function cohesively when some members work together in person, and others are remote?
Unfortunately, there’s no single right answer, especially as the pandemic disrupts earlier plans for a return to the office. Facebook, Slack, Twitter, and a number of other high-profile companies have recently announced that employees now have the option of working from home forever, while most others will support WFH for as long as necessary for employees whose roles don’t require a physical work presence.

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