True Costs to Operate Contact Centers

True Costs to Operate Contact Centers

Organizations are investing heavily in customer experience (CX), primarily because of the power social media the Internet affords to customers. One viral tweet or post can make or break a company—and that affects everything from revenue to customer ratings to competitive advantage.

So it’s not surprising that companies are investing in their contact centers. Successful companies spend twice as much on contact center agent licenses than all other companies. (Successful companies, in Nemertes Intelligent Customer Engagement research study, are defined as those that documented the highest improvements in revenue, customer ratings and cost reduction when using artificial intelligence and analytics.)

On average companies spend $3,899 per year, per agent license on contact center technologies, but the total varies based on the size of the contact center. Small contact centers, with 100 or fewer agents, spend $4,303 per agent annually; those with 101-500 agents spend $3,018 per agent annually; and those with more than 500 agents spend $2,891 per year. (please see the chart below.)

The costs include two primary components: The licensing for agent desktop technologies and platform, and IT staff costs to manage the infrastructure and applications. On average, companies spend about the same on IT staff and licensing, but when broken down by size, there are some differences.

For example, smaller contact centers spend more on the IT staff and less on licensing. Midsize and larger contact centers are the opposite. They spend much more on licensing. For example, contact centers with more than 500 agents spend $2,063 on licensing per agent, per year, and only $829 on IT staff. The reason is that larger contact centers invest more in agent desktop apps, whether analytics, AI-enabled virtual assistants, or workforce optimization.

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