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As adoption of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) has grown, many organizations are continuing to rely on custom-hosted, on-premises, or hybrid solutions to meet their communications needs. For these companies, on-premises, hosted, and hybrid options provide a variety of benefits including lower total cost of ownership, greater flexibility and control, enhanced ability to integrate communications and workflows, and a higher level of reliability. As companies develop their go-forward strategies, they should look to implement solutions that best meet their needs, regardless of deployment architecture, and they should ensure that the solution they deploy today provides a clear path to where they want to be tomorrow.

IT leaders responsible for go-forward strategies should:

  • Evaluate their on-premises provider’s ability to support cloud integration and/or migration, including the ability to meet requirements for security, scale, reliability, and flexibility
  • Ensure that cloud solutions are capable of supporting complex customization to support digital transformation initiatives
  • Consider solutions that enable contact center interoperability to deliver demonstrable business benefit

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