2023 Customer Experience MetriStar – Workflow Automation Tools

Published on: March 14, 2023

Author: Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst
Three providers earned the Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award for Workflow Automation Tools. The MetriStar Award’s value is that it is based on both customer ratings and quantitative metrics correlating the use of providers’ services with measurable business success. Workflow Automation Tools: Workflow automation tools, in general, remove manual intervention from processes, including task ordering, flow of documents or information, and next steps based on previous results. This MetriStar Award specifically recognizes tools relating to customer interactions, which may be offered within contact center or CRM platforms. For example, workflows can automatically send customer feedback to agents and supervisors, information between interaction channels, customer follow-up, and any customized next step necessary for completing a transaction or resolving a problem. By automating these processes, companies speed resolution or sales closure, reduce the risk of humans forgetting to follow up, and improve customer satisfaction by proactively addressing an issue.

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