MetriNote – Qualtrics Updates Experience Management Platform with Generative AI

Published on: July 20, 2023

Author: Beth Schultz, Vice President of Research and Principal Analyst

July 19, 2023 – Qualtrics has introduced XM/os2, the fully generative AI-enabled next generation of its XM platform, for managing customer and employee experiences. For customer-facing teams, Qualtrics introduced personalized responses that frontline managers can use in responding to customer feedback in different channels; prescriptive steps, delivered via Real-Time Agent Assist, for agents to use for problem resolution; and new generative AI capabilities in Automated Call Summaries, including the ability to generate support tickets in real time and send personalized follow-up emails. For HR, new offerings are a generative AI feature for XM for People Teams that will enable automated summarizes of employee feedback and behavior data correlated to well-being; personalized coaching based on survey results, written comments, and continuous listening; and predictive AI capabilities for identifying teams at high risk of attrition. For market research, Qualtrics is enabling conversational search capabilities across the Qualtrics Research Hub and the ability to surface insight and summaries of customer feedback captured via video. In addition, Qualtrics has AI-enabled the core services underlying XM/os2: ExperienceID (XiD), for identifying gaps and opportunities based on customer data; iQ, for predictive intelligence; and xFlow, for automation. New capabilities include auto-segmentation for XiD and GPT capabilities in xFlow for automated actions. These latter capabilities are available today. Availability for the other updates and offerings vary—some are now in private beta, others are available for early access, and others will be available this fall or in 2024.

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