Add Video-Enabled Contact Centers to Bolster Customer Satisfaction

Published on: June 26, 2023

Author: Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst
Not available for licensing. Visual engagement, including video, screen-sharing, and co-browsing, has become a de facto communications standard for both business and personal interactions. But visual communications have lagged, comparatively, in customer interactions. We’re starting to see a surge in the use of visual engagement, with North American companies leading the way, followed by Asia-Pacific and European companies. In fact, Europe will see the largest growth in 2023, with 20.5% of companies planning to adopt the applications. It’s easy to see why. Visual engagement delivers results. Successful companies are more than twice as likely to use video as unsuccessful companies. And even in the early stages of visual engagement, 11.4% of companies cite video as the top interaction channel for customer satisfaction. Visual engagement has such a profound effect on companies, many say it’s transformational. Of the 52% of companies that had a CX transformation initiative in 2022, 24% identified “adding visual engagement” as their transformation project. The hybrid workplace definitely has played a role in the adoption of video. As companies allowed agents to work from home offices, video became paramount to successful internal communications and management. From there, extending video to customers became much easier. But before extending to customers, companies had to ensure home-office agents were well-equipped with the right technology applications, hardware, and services. This means they needed high-quality video cameras, headsets, and Internet access. Among those companies that have embraced visual engagement, sales are increasing, customer satisfaction is improving, operational costs are dropping, and employee productivity is rising. Feedback from customers, coupled with analytics tools, provides both verification of success, and guidance for change.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Visual Engagement: Definitions and Adoption
    • Identifying Success
  • The Transformational Impact of Visual Engagement
    • Hybrid Workplace Accelerates Video Adoption
  • Drivers for Using Video for Customer Interactions
    • Video Helps Agent Empathy
  • Documenting Improvements
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

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