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Think about UC as a service (UCaaS) today, and Microsoft Teams will undoubtedly come to mind.

Any business using Teams for meetings and collaboration services would be foolish not to consider the app for voice, too, as they transition their calling infrastructure from on-premises or hosted environments into the cloud—as many are wont to do. By now, the story is well known:

Teams adoption soared during the pandemic as companies took advantage of the capabilities already afforded them by their productivity suite license to provide their suddenly work-from-home employees with meeting and collaboration services that were easy to use and implement. Calling has become the next step forward, and in a matter of a few short years, Microsoft’s positioning in the UCaaS market has gone from nonexistent to dominant.

This is a simplified version, of course, but the point is that Microsoft sits atop a heap of UCaaS providers with the largest installed base of phone seats worldwide. And it’s almost inconceivable that any competitor could topple Microsoft from this leadership position in the foreseeable future.

Little surprise, then, that Microsoft is the undisputed leader among the top 10 leading providers profiled in Metrigy’s inaugural UCaaS MetriRank 2023 report.

Part of our MetriCast Service, this UCaaS MetriRank report assesses leading providers on a fixed set of five criteria—financial strength, market share momentum, product mix, customer sentiment, and customer business success—to determine which are best positioned today and for long-term success. We rated each UCaaS provider in each of the five areas on a five-point scale, and then applied a weighting. Lastly, we tallied the individual criteria scores for each provider to determine their overall leadership score.

With Microsoft on top, which providers are next? Cisco takes the No. 2 spot, followed by Zoom, 8×8, and, rounding out the top five, RingCentral. In alphabetical order, Comcast, GoTo, Nextiva, Verizon, and Vonage comprise the rest of the top 10.

Full details, including all of our methodology, scoring, and a deep dive on each provider, is available in the UCaaS MetriRank 2023 report. Click here to learn more and watch for MetriRank reports on communications platform as a service and SIP trunking coming soon.