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The Return of the Enterprise Content Delivery Network

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Way back when I left the world of network engineering and became an analyst (circa 1999) my first assignment was to write a technology brief on the topic of IP multicast. At the time, IP multicast was emerging as a means to optimize the delivery of streaming video across enterprise data networks. In most cases this was to support the broadcast of town halls or executive addresses to employees. IP multicast solved a very real problem for one-to-many broadcasts: How to ensure that streams didn’t overwhelm the network.

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Greatness Appreciated

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The challenge of employee engagement is persistent across a wide variety of workplace situations, whether enterprise leaders are contending with layoffs, hiring freezes, or workforce expansion. Employees who don’t feel connected to each other and their work can sour the workplace experience, stifling productivity and inhibiting well-being efforts for themselves and their colleagues.

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MetriSight Ep.25 – An interview with John Finch, CEO, Dialpad–Part 1

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Technology leaders are demanding unified platforms that provide communications capabilities—but not all platforms are created equally. In addition to working with a single vendor and platform, other innovations also differentiate providers. For example, their application of AI capabilities is a key differentiator, along with architecture and the acquisitions that enable new products and services.

John Finch, head of worldwide product marketing for Dialpad, discusses what Dialpad can do today, where it’s heading, and how it differentiates from competitors.

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MetriSight Ep.24 – An Interview with Mike Frayne, CEO of VOSS Digital Workplace Management

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The UC landscape continues to rapidly evolve as organizations embrace cloud, support the needs of a hybrid workforce, and seek to optimize OpEx during challenging economic times. In this episode we’ll hear from Mike Frayne, CEO of VOSS Digital Workplace Management and discuss how an effective UC management strategy can deliver measurable benefits.

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