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Most companies still don’t have a handle on workplace collaboration security, even as threats increase

As I get ready for my upcoming session at Enterprise Connect 2023 on unified communications and collaboration (UCC) security, I have some sad news to report. In Metrigy’s latest Workplace Collaboration: 2023-24 global study of 440 organizations we found that just 37.0% of participants say their company has implemented a proactive workplace collaboration security strategy that covers both real-time, and non-real time apps and services. That’s little changed from the last time we gathered security data in early 2020.

On the positive side, 18.0% say they have a security strategy under development, and 12.3% say they are evaluating creating one. Still, that means more than 30% of companies still have no overall strategy for UCC security and instead often rely on patchwork approaches managed by separate teams.

Security remains challenging for remote employees. Of our participant pool, 34.0% say that they continue to face issues in ensuring both security of remote employee devices and applications, while also ensuring that remote employees do not become an attack vector through their connections into enterprise networks.

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