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Generative AI offers incredible potential to improve productivity, operations, and security.

At Enterprise Connect 2023 this past March, generative AI was all the rage. Seemingly every vendor on the exhibit floor had a generative AI product or demonstration, and the topic permeated throughout panels and keynotes. Generative AI developments are happening fast — perhaps too fast for many. According to Ray Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Returns,” the rate at which generative AI changes is likely to be exponential – which further suggests that its advances may well bring changes to the collaboration world faster than IT and business leaders can process them.

Leaving aside the discussion of positives and negatives of generative AI, here are six ways that I believe that generative AI will impact workplace collaboration in the near future.

Simplifying and quickening content creation

Prior to Enterprise Connect both Google and Microsoft announced generative AI-based features to enable automated content creation, as did Notion via its Notion AI offering. These features all offer the ability to shave hours off the time required to write documents, create presentations, and analyze data. It’s hard to understate the potential of these features, or the impact they will have on knowledge worker productivity as they reduce time required to create content from hours to minutes.

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