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Collaboration apps provide a good new source for employee engagement insights.

In grappling with how to optimize employee experience for today’s hybrid reality, many workplace leaders have had to adjust their strategic approaches for the changing dynamics or, in the absence of a plan, create one.

In a global research study on employee experience Metrigy conducted this spring, 52.3% of 250 participating companies reported needing to refine their approaches to employee experience due to the changes ushered in by the pandemic. For another 26.6%, the changes led to initiate brand-new programs.

From a technology perspective, most companies (63.7%) rely on company-wide employee experience platforms that offer communication, engagement, learning, well-being, and other modules. At 60%, most have also begun tapping into employee engagement insights integrated with various enterprise apps.

To that latter point, measuring employees’ use of communications and collaboration or productivity apps to guide well-being is among the top 10 most important employee experience goals identified by participants. It sits among the more traditional goals such as keeping employees informed on company activities, news, and other pertinent information; facilitating training and education for career development; and fostering employee connectivity.

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