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The UC market will continue to rapidly evolve due to hybrid work needs and economic challenges.

The UC market in 2022 is one that underwent significant transformation and upheaval. UCaaS vendors continued to broaden their portfolios, adding features like events and space management, AI-powered features to improve communications experiences, and integrated contact center capabilities.

As we head into 2023, here are five predictions about how the market will continue to transform.

1. It’s Time for Rationalization
Metrigy’s Workplace Collaboration Metricast 2022 global study of more than 900 companies found that overall UC spending will only increase by around 5% a year between 2023 and 2025, with the biggest increases coming in cloud phone system, virtual whiteboard, and performance management apps. Given global economic concerns and the reality that many organizations have adopted a myriad of apps to support virtual work during the pandemic, the time is ripe now for organizations to revisit their current application portfolio and look for ways to cut costs by removing overlapping services.

Metrigy’s research data shows roughly half of companies currently purchase more than one meeting app, for example. Rationalization won’t be easy, and it may require IT managers to make tough choices between supporting apps that users want and those that are most cost-effective. Rationalization will also require IT leaders to look beyond licensing cost and instead focus on the total cost of ownership. A meeting app that is free with a larger office suite may still be more expensive to operate due to higher support, hardware, and maintenance costs.

2. Security, Compliance Take Center Stage

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