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Webinar – Optimizing Employee Experience: An Overview of Strategy & Tools in Use

By Employee Engagement Webinars, On-Demand, Webinars

Based on Metrigy’s Employee Experience & Workplace Engagement 2022-23 research study, discover how companies are approaching the employee experience discipline amid changing workplace dynamics. Which goals are most important? How does technology help with the challenges, and which types of tools are in use? Who’s responsible for employee experience strategy and technology? What factors do companies measure, and how are companies tracking success? This webinar will provide a high-level overview of employee experience management today.

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Webinar – How to Optimize Employee Experience Using Data-Driven Insights

By Employee Engagement, On-Demand, Webinars

Metrigy VP of Research and Principal Analyst Beth Schultz will provide a high-level overview of the employee experience market, explain where insight tools fit into the overall strategy for optimizing the employee experience, and share adoption trends gleaned from a study of HR and other corporate leaders working on employee experience programs.

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