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The steady drumbeat around generative AI continues as employee experience, customer experience (CX), and workplace collaboration providers lay out their visions and product plans for the technology. Their messaging appears to be falling on eager ears, as evidenced in findings from a recent Metrigy study with CX, technology, and other business leaders at 641 companies.

Understanding of Generative AI is Increasing

For one, less than 15% of study participants said they had little or very little understanding of generative AI, which, for clarity here, is a category of techniques and models that respond to natural language prompts to produce text, images, audio, code, or other media from data that they’ve been trained on. As I wrote previously on WorkSpace Connect, examples of generative AI use cases are plentiful, for all sorts of employees: writing emails, creating marketing campaigns, turning spreadsheet data into presentation graphics, summarizing customer interactions, scheduling meetings among team members, creating employee surveys and capsulizing results in an executive report, and so on.

A slightly greater percentage of our study participants, 20.4%, classified themselves as having a novice-level understanding of generative AI—meaning, they have limited knowledge about the technology, how it works, and how to use it, but they are learning. The greatest portion by far, 65%, said they have an “expert” understanding, with substantial and in-depth knowledge on how generative AI works and how to use it.

Trust in Generative AI Also Increasing

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