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MetriSight Ep.49 – How to Fix the Work-Relationship Problem

By Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, MetriSight Video

HP’s recently published Work Relationship Index, based on a global survey of 12,000 knowledge workers, 3,600 IT decision makers, and 1,200 business leaders, reveals a universal problem: Employees have an unhealthy relationship with work. HP exec Andy Rhodes summarizes the challenges and highlights ways to foster actions that will drive improvement.

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MetriSight Ep.48 – How Intradiem Uncovers, Resolves Agent Burnout To Reduce Attrition

By Customer Engagement, MetriSight Video

Intradiem is using AI to identify agents who are showing signs of burnout. It then makes recommendations or automates actions to help reduce the likelihood they’ll leave the company—and to turn them from a struggling employee to a happy one. During this discussion with Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell, learn how they’re doing it and what kind of success companies are expected to see.

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MetriSight Ep. 46 – Talking Zoom Huddles with David Ball

By Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, MetriSight Video, Workplace Collaboration

Zoom recently introduced Huddles, a virtual co-working space designed to bring in-office, ad-hoc engagement experiences to virtual employees. In this episode of the Metrigy MetriSight we’ll chat with Zoom’s David Ball to learn more about Huddles and how virtual co-working spaces can contribute to employee experience, culture building, and team enagement.

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