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Integrating employee experience and customer experience data opens a host of opportunities for driving business value.

As we edge closer to the start of a new year, revisiting employee experience (EX) for 2023 should be very much on the minds of HR and other business leaders—and, as I noted in a previous post, the outlook for related technology spending looks strong.

This is good news, and opportunities to improve, if not transform, EX are plentiful, from modernizing the company intranet, to providing actionable insights, establishing seamless communications and training, and so much more. For those companies that haven’t yet done so, I’d also encourage adoption of a “better together” strategy that links EX to customer experience (CX), another critically important initiative for most.

In our Employee Experience & Workforce Engagement: 2022-23 research study of 250 companies across the globe, we found that 55.2% of the most successful companies, as determined by revenue growth, cost reduction, employee satisfaction gains, and employee retention improvements, vs. 44.4% of our non-success group, correlate EX and CX improvements. In fact, across 14 EX goals , this resulted in the biggest success correlation—ahead of initiatives like building shared communities of interest, providing engagement insights, and measuring collaboration tool to guide productivity improvements.

At a high level, correlating EX and CX data allows business leaders to understand how EX impacts specific customer experiences, as well as the customer relationship overall. EX here mostly applies to customer-facing employees, whether they are contact center agents, sales personnel, service professionals, and so on. But as we found in our EX study, 65.5% of companies use the same set of EX tools to support both their knowledge workers and their customer-facing workers. As such, they can take a big-picture view to determine overall how EX programs are benefiting, or not, the customer experience.

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