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Even as CX operations become steeped in advanced technologies such as AI and automation, the agent’s role is far from diminishing. In fact, offloading routine customer inquiries and tasks to AI and automation raises the bar for agents. Moving forward, the best agents need to be more highly skilled than ever before, capable of handling the most complex customer service issues quickly and intelligently. Preparing agents for this new reality requires a next-generation approach to workforce engagement management (WEM), one that provides generative AI-driven conversational assistance plus automation to deliver smart guidance for interactions, personalized coaching, and automated tasks.

In this webinar, get a status report on the agent experience based on Metrigy’s latest CX research, and discover the role AI, including conversational generative AI, and automation are playing today.

Getting CX Complexity Under Control for Agents with WEM & Generative AI

Presented by: Beth Schultz, Vice President of Research and Principal Analyst, Metrigy
Dana Shalev, WEM LOB Head of Product Marketing, NICE

Date: September 13, 2023
Time: 11:00 am ET