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Customer obsession can boost a brand’s reputation and profits. But it requires C-suite dedication to CX, high levels of personalization and a positive employee experience.

As customers increasingly expect exceptional CX, organizations are investing more in CX tools and strategies.

In 2023, most companies are increasing spending on customer engagement technology, according to Metrigy’s “2023 Technology Spending Forecast” study. Consumers have little tolerance for poor customer service, so organizations that don’t invest in customer engagement tools and strategy could lose business. Thriving in this consumer-empowered reality requires customer obsession. To build customer obsession, organizations must form the right team, use personalization, gather feedback, embrace change and consider the employee experience (EX).

People only allow an organization a few bad experiences before they leave it for good. Those consumers may also share their discontent on review websites and social media, which can add reputational damage as well as customer churn. Customer obsession can help organizations minimize this customer churn and protect brand image.

Explore what customer obsession is and how organizations can embed it into their company mission.

What is customer obsession?

Customer-obsessed organizations focus intensely on understanding customers’ needs and ways to meet those needs. They rely on data and advanced technologies such as AI, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis to deliver personalized experiences. These organizations gather customer feedback through various mechanisms, such as customer surveys and website tracking data, and analyze it to support continuous improvement.

Virtually every decision a customer-obsessed organization makes centers on its value for customers. These organizations build customer centricity into the corporate mission statement, and everyone from the CEO to frontline workers understands the importance of exceptional CX.

The value of customer obsession

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