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Smart self-service is core to NICE’s vision of CX interaction fluency.

With CCaaS in such high demand today, it’s hard to imagine the term disappearing from our communications lexicon. But should it? One key market player, NICE, believes so.

“CCaaS is too constrained. Interactions is the point,” said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone CEO, speaking of the company’s preference for the term “CXi,” or customer experience interactions. Having introduced their CXi vision a year ago, Jarman and other executives reiterated NICE’s positioning and shared a new mission statement, “driving CX fluency with CXi,” at a recent analyst briefing.

The issue in focusing on the contact center—CCaaS—is that a customer’s digital journey doesn’t necessarily start there. Rather, it might start with a visit to a company website, a third-party rating site, social media, or a search. Customers want frictionless, personalized, and dynamic interactions across any of these digital entry points on demand, Jarman said.

With CXi, “organizations can intelligently meet customers where their journey begins, enable resolution through data-driven conversational AI, and engage agents to successfully resolve any needs event,” he added. NICE, of course, sees the CXone platform as the enabler for CXi.

Self-service, an increasingly important CX technology, is a core component of CXi fluency. But it has to be smart, successful for every interaction, Jarman said.

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