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Data and Automation are Crucial for Transformation Projects

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As IT and business leaders are faced with transformative changes in the workplace, data will be incredibly important to help guide decisions—and management tools deliver the data. Consider that only 12% of companies plan to fully return to the office following the pandemic (most will continue with WFH strategies for all or some employees), and it’s easy to see how much the workplace is changing. You can’t have that drastic of a permanent change to the workplace without re-evaluating all technologies, business process, and change management.

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Avaya’s WFO Platform Drives Cost Decreases and Agent Efficiency Improvements

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In the past year, 55% of organizations added Workforce Optimization (WFO) applications to their portfolios, and 79% specifically cite workforce management tools as essential to helping them manage remote teams during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Metrigy’s CX and Workforce Optimization: 2021-22 research study of 524 companies globally.

A driving force behind the growth in adoption is WFO’s ability to deliver measurable value to companies that want to improve agent and customer experiences, while making contact center operations more efficient.

WFO comprises a set of applications, data, and analytics to continuously improve the efficiency of the contact center staff and overall operations. Tools in this category include quality management, call/screen recording, Voice of the Customer survey platforms, analytics (agent, desktop, predictive, sentiment, and speech), performance management, and workforce management.

Avaya’s Workforce Optimization suite includes call/screen recording, quality management, workforce management, speech analytics, desktop analytics, customer feedback, and encryption, and more.

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Webinar Replay – Modernizing Your Customer Self-Service Knowledge Base

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Self-service technologies are one of the top CX transformational activities underway. Organizations must modernize and regularly update their self-service knowledge bases to deliver a sold customer experience. During this webinar, you’ll learn:
– Who are the key knowledge base providers?
– What are the best practices in modernizing a knowledge base?
– How does AI play a role?
– How are knowledge bases helping both customers and employees?

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Webinar – How to Mitigate Voice Fraud Before it Disrupts Your Enterprise Network

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Join Robin Gareiss, Metrigy CEO and principal analyst, and Dan Teichman, Director, Solutions Marketing, and Shambhu Rai, Principal Product Manager at Ribbon to learn about how to improve enterprise voice security, backed by real-world business metrics.

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New Workplaces Drive Transformation

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As employees moved to home offices in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT and business leaders began re-evaluating everything—from processes to technologies to costs. The dramatic change in work location for most served as a catalyst for digital transformation projects designed to leverage technology automation to deliver value in the form of reduced costs, improved employee productivity, and increased revenue generation. Indeed, 64.9% of organizations will have a digital transformation project complete, underway, or in progress by the end of 2022.

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Single Platform for UC and Contact Center Expands Benefits

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Very few companies have fully realized the power of using a common platform for employee and customer interactions.

Yes, Metrigy’s research shows that 62.8% of organizations have integrated their UC and contact center platforms—61.9% of those using the same provider. This clearly indicates most IT and CX leaders understand there is value in applying components of each platform with the other group. For example, the contact center team may start using the employee team collaboration tools, while the employees at large may start using the contact center’s call recording capabilities.

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Webinar Replay – Biometrics to Improve Customer Experience

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Companies are flocking to voice biometrics and facial recognition for customer interactions. These technologies identify customers quickly, and save on average 30 to 60 minutes on each call or video interaction. Join this webinar to learn:
– What are companies plans to use biometrics?
– What’s driving them to use them, and how secure is it for identity management?
– Who are the players in this space?
– What value to companies find in using biometrics?

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Webinar Replay – Communications Choices for EX and CX Optimization

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Employees and customers both have more power than ever before. With hybrid workplaces as the new norm, the best employees can work or look for work anywhere in the world. Customers also have the same global choice when it comes to who they do business with.

So how do you create a leading employee and customer experience? Join Metrigy Research CEO and Principal Analyst Robin Gareiss, 8×8’s SVP of Product Management Hunter Middleton, and 8×8’s Global VP of Product Marketing Meghan Keough as they discuss:

What they’re hearing from organizations on revised, long-term EX and CX strategies
How the lines between employee experience and customer experience are blurring
Why more organizations are selecting an integrated UC and CC solution
Plus, see Metrigy’s latest research around revenue, customer ratings and cost savings associated with an integrated UC and CC approach.But the work isn’t done. Most companies rushed to move employees to home offices, without the normal rigor of strategic planning. Now, IT leaders are taking a step back to ensure an optimal communications environment.

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