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Top 5 Challenges in Field Service Management

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Many organizations overlook field service management in their customer service strategies, yet this area — and its challenges — are critical to CX success.

While much discussion on CX initiatives centers around contact centers, CX leaders have increasingly turned their attention to another key area of customer interactions: field service.

Organizations invest in numerous contact center tools to manage agent performance, call routing, schedules and customer satisfaction. Like contact center agents, field service technicians must track performance, route on-site service calls, schedule hours and track customer satisfaction.

Field service management software can create effective processes to oversee employees who interact with customers in-person, like how contact center and CRM tools assist virtual service representatives. However, organizations need a solid strategy to address challenges and provide the expected quality of service to run field service smoothly. Key challenges in field service management are the following:

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The Future of Customer Service: 12 Trends to Watch

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Advanced technologies continue to shape customer service goals to streamline digital workflows, increase positive experiences, lower agent turnover and improve contact center ROI.

The future of customer service increasingly will be driven by technology innovations. Ideally, these new technologies will improve customer and agent experiences, along with business metrics like revenue, operational costs and customer ratings. But businesses often miss the mark when they try to move too quickly with too much technology, ultimately resulting in consumer dissatisfaction rather than elation.

Customer expectations for what defines a good experience stay fairly consistent over time, but the approach to providing that experience changes. Meanwhile, advanced technologies, largely driven by artificial intelligence, analytics and automation, arm companies with new techniques for driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Webinar Replay – MetriStar Top Providers for Customer Interactions

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Metrigy’s MetriStar awards recognizes those providers who are both highly rated by their customers, and whose customers have achieved measurable success for their investments. The awards are based on data gathered from hundreds of IT and customer experience leaders in North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Metrigy will announce the Top Providers in several areas of Customer Experience technologies

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Webinar Replay – Visually Engage! Why You Should Expand Customer Interactions

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Voice and text can answer many cutomer inquiries. But in many cases, it would help contact center agents to be able to see what the customer sees, share screens, or cobrowse. In this webinar, we’ll review the types of visual engagement, why you should add new interaction channels, and what results you can expect. We also will cover the vendors that offer such solutions.

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Webinar Replay – UC & Contact Center Integration: What Does it Really Mean?

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We’ve been hearing a lot about the integration of UC and contact center platforms. But what do CX leaders define as the technical requirements of such integration? And once platforms are integrated, how are they using the applications in practice? What success metrics are companies finding once they integrate?

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